PPE Face Shields & Visors

Visor / Face Shields (one-time use)

Standard : CE Certification EN166 : 2001
Sizes: 350 X 240 X 30mm
Material: PET, foam, polyester fiber
Weight : 60.7g
Colours: White
Packing Quantity: To customers’ requirements
Carton Packing: To customers’ requirements

PPE Visors and Face Shields Help Protect from Viruses

When you are kitting out a medical team with protective equipment, PPE visors have become more essential than ever. When dealing with airborne viruses, goggles and a mask may not be enough protection, as they don’t completely cover the face, therefore, adding a shield such as a visor can add an extra layer of protection for those who work closely with patients.

The BEFH Consortium Supplies PPE Shields

Many medical institutions have found it difficult to get hold of PPE face shields, as this product is in high demand. When you contact The BEFH Consortium, we work directly with manufacturers, so we can source PPE shields and get them delivered directly to you.

Worried about buying these products direct from a manufacturer? Rest assured, all visors meet the strict CE Certification EN166:2001 standards required by the government, so you can be sure staff are safe when they wear them.

Comfortable, All Day Wear

Medical staff often have long shifts, so when you shop for visors, you need to ensure they are comfortable. The visors we stock are lightweight and have adjustable straps, so all team members can get the right fit. The clear visor completely covers the face and curves around to the sides, protecting the worker from splatter from bodily fluids or blood. This is one of the most effective ways to protect from possible infections.

These visors are made for one-time use, which is the best way to prevent contamination and virus spread.

If you’d like to place an order for PPE visors, the team at The BEFH Consortium can help. To get a price, either fill in an online enquiry, send the details to info@thebefhconsortium.com, or call us on +44 (0) 207 097 8997 and we can help you source the right PPE.