PPE - Surgical - Medical & Disposable Gowns

Protective Surgical gown

Standard : CE Certification of conformity to BS EN 13795 : 2019 compliant
Sizes: Sterile: S, M, L, XL or Non-Sterile S, M, L
Material: Latex free / anti-static
Weight : 40gms
Colours: Blue
Packing Quantity: Made to customers’ requirements

PPE Gowns from a Reliable Supplier, Shipped to the UK and Europe

A disposable gown is an important part of PPE in medical environments. Surgeons, doctors, nurses and anyone else who deals with patients face to face will wear a surgical disposable gown to protect both themselves and the patient from viruses and infection, especially when worn with gloves and a face shield. These protective gowns can also help protect the wearer’s clothes during medical procedures.

Order Medical Disposable Gowns from The BEFH Consortium

The BEFH Consortium work closely with a number of manufacturers, so can provide disposable gowns for hospitals, clinics and other medical environments directly and without delay.

Many medical environments find it hard to source enough disposable PPE gowns. This may mean they have to ration them, or try to wash and reuse gowns, which isn’t ideal for infection control. However, The BEFH Consortium makes it easier to order disposable protective gowns and have them shipped directly to you.

Using Disposable Plastic Gowns for Staff and Patients

During an outbreak of an infection, or when dealing with severely immunocompromised individuals, you may have to use disposable isolation gowns. These disposable gowns for patients and medical professionals allow you to avoid contamination of isolation areas, which are often used for:

  • Oncology (cancer) patients
  • Transplant patients
  • Preventing the spread of viruses during an outbreak
  • Patients with conditions like tuberculosis
  • Patients with MRSA
  • Patients with open wounds

When you are caring for these patients, keeping them protected from any outside germs is essential, so using disposable protective gowns is important to cover your clothes. When you go room to room, you can simply throw away your old gown to avoid cross contamination.

Disposable Theatre Gowns for Surgery

If you’d like a disposable gown price, all you need to do is add them to your list, then make an enquiry and The BEHF Consortium will find the best supplier to meet your needs. You can also contact us by calling +44 (0) 207 097 8997 or e-mail info@thebefhconsortium.com and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Our disposable theatre gowns are made to the highest standard, with a CE Certification of conformity to BS EN 13795: 2019 compliant, so they are safe enough to be used in surgery and anywhere where medical procedures are being carried out. Lightweight, and made with elasticated cuffs and back ties for a comfortable fit that’s close to the body.

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