FFP2 Medical Face Mask Non Valved

FFP2 Medical Face Mask Non Valved

Standard : CE Certification of Conformity to EN149:2001+A12009 standard
(KN95 Standard / FFP2 Equivalent)
Sizes: 160mm x 105mm
Material: Uses superfine melt blown fabric FFP2 printed on each mask
Colours: White
Packing Quantity: To customers’ requirements
Carton Packing: To customers’ requirements

Extra Protection for Frontline Staff with FFP2 Medical Face Masks

When dealing with respiratory viruses, the use of FFP2 medical face masks is essential for protecting frontline workers. FFP2 masks are the equivalent standard to KN95 masks, to ensure peace of mind for you and your team. At The BEFH Consortium, we can help find manufacturers to supply the number of FFP2 masks you require and ship directly to you, making it easier for you to get your hands on the right PPE.

FFP2 Medical Masks are an Essential Part of PPE

In the fight against conditions such as SARS, avian flu and the coronavirus, it’s important for frontline medical staff to have the right PPE. Not all face masks offer the right level of protection from these respiratory conditions, so using cheap, non-compliant face masks may put people at risk.

When you are dealing with an outbreak of respiratory illnesses, you should look for FFP2 face masks that have been made with five layers and have a CE Certification of Conformity to EN149:2001+A12009 standard. This will ensure:

  • The best quality materials are used
  • The masks are assembled with the correct filters to prevent airborne transmission of viruses
  • The masks properly fit the face and are comfortable to wear all day

It’s important to only buy masks from quality suppliers you can trust such as The BEFH Consortium, so that you know when staff are on the frontline, they are well protected.

When you need to make a bulk order of FFP2 medical masks, The BEFH Consortium can help. Although it can be difficult to source masks when you need them, we have a number of manufacturers who can get them to you ASAP and deliver across the UK and Europe. Simply fill in an online enquiry, call us on +44 (0) 207 097 8997 or e-mail info@thebefhconsortium.com to find out more.