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Personal Protective Equipment Products

Protective Surgical gown

CE Certification of conformity to BS EN 13795 : 2019 compliant

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Medical Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Compliant to EN 455 & Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

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Hand Sanitiser 100ml to 500ml

CE Certification EN1276:2009

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Surgical Masks Disposable Type IIR

Surgical Masks Disposable -
EN14683:2019 Type IIR

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FFP2 Medical Face Mask Non Valved

CE Certification of Conformity to EN149:2001+A12009 standard
(KN95 Standard / FFP2 Equivalent) 

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3 Ply Disposable Non-Surgical Masks

Compliant to EN455 and Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

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FFP3 Medical Face Mask Non Valved (N99 Equivalent)

CE Certification of Conformity to EN149:2001+A12009 standard
(FFP3 is N99 Equivalent - US Standard) 

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Medical Goggles in Polybag

CE Certification EN1731 :2006

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Visor / Face Shields
(one-time use)

CE Certification EN166 : 2001

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PPE – Personal Protective Equipment from The BEFH Consortium

Finding PPE equipment can be challenging for businesses in the UK and Europe, which is why The BEFH Consortium offers a simple, streamlined way to order the PPE kit you need.

The BEFH Consortium are PPE suppliers that have relationships with a number of manufacturers. Instead of you having to hunt around for PPE UK, we can arrange for suppliers to deliver directly to you, saving you time and money. It can be difficult to find the right PPE gear for your business, so we aim to make the process as simple as possible

Medical PPE Equipment Delivered Direct to your Business

The BEFH Consortium can help you source a wide range of PPE – personal protective equipment, including:

  • PPE clothing such as gowns, PPE workwear or even a full PPE suit
  • PPE eye protection
  • PPE gloves
  • Masks and face coverings
  • Other protective items such as hand sanitiser

These items can often be hard to obtain, and when you buy PPE items, you may be worried about the quality or whether it meets regulations. Rest assured, The BEFH Consortium only work with suppliers of high-quality products to give you peace of mind.

Full PPE Gear for Healthcare Professionals

Many healthcare professionals need to wear full PPE at work, so they are completely protected from any viruses. Full PPE kit includes:

  • PPE overalls
  • A PPE apron if overalls aren’t available
  • PPE glasses – these are either goggles or a full face visor
  • A protective mask or other face covering that meets safety requirements
  • Disposable gloves

This ensures that people are covered from head to toe.

When it comes to PPE equipment, UK regulations and standards are high, which is why it’s important to find a legitimate supplier. We can work with all sorts of clients who need PPE; hospitals, clinics, care homes, care agencies and more, and can help you source the best protective equipment for your staff. When it comes to personal protective equipment, NHS and private healthcare companies both have a duty to protect their staff, so we help them find the best PPE protection possible.

Different types of PPE for Different Industries

It’s not just healthcare companies who need a PPE supply nowadays. When it comes to personal protective equipment, medical companies are obviously going to be the bigger users, but we can supply products for any who wants to protect their workers. This may include:

  • Shops – many retail businesses now ask their staff to wear hand protection gloves at a minimum to protect both employees and customers
  • Offices – if you have staff sitting in close proximity to each other, then using PPE safety equipment can protect people from infections and viruses
  • Warehouses – another place where it can be hard to keep people separated is in busy warehouses, so it makes sense to buy PPE equipment. It can also be used for employees who might have to handle potentially dangerous products or those exposed to dust and dirt
  • Salons – anywhere where staff need to have close contact with people, there is a risk of infection. From beauticians to hairdressers and tattooists, owners of these sorts of businesses should take PPE seriously and ensure staff are protected

Whatever industry you work in, if you’re looking for a PPE company to provide protective equipment for staff, then look no further. The BEFH Consortium provide a convenient PPE shop, with prices based on the size and volume of your order, so you get the best possible deal.

Not sure what kind of PPE you might need? Check out our PPE equipment list which shows all the items we can provide for your business. While you may not need more serious equipment like visors, things like gloves and masks are likely to become more common for those working in customer-facing roles.

Buy PPE online with a quick and easy quote

If you want to find out a price for our personal protective clothing or equipment, it couldn’t be easier to get a quote:

  • Select the product you want
  • Choose the size and volume of your order
  • Add them to your list
  • Browse for any other PPE products you want and also add them
  • Submit your query

The BEFH consortium will then do all the hard work, finding a manufacturer who can fulfil your order and getting a quote for your PPE protective equipment, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with the price.

If you’re looking for PPE distributers who can supply either a small or large quantity of PPE products, get in touch with The BEFH Consortium today. You contact us on +44 (0) 207 097 8997, e-mail info@thebefhconsortium.com or fill in our online contact form for a quick quote or more information.

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